About Infinite Studios

Infinite Studios is dedicated to creating a range of short films, all which explores a variety of genres, while working with talented individuals across Scotland.


A small, local production company who is passionate about film making and visual storytelling on any budget. Collaborating with others has been essential to transform mere words into a reality and showcase the skills of local crew.

Aimie Willemse Writer/Director

After years of making creatively ambitious self-funded short films on micro-budgets, Aimie Willemse is an award-winning writer/director known for experimenting with diverse narratives through the surreal and fantastical lens of genre. Her impressive portfolio includes a variety of short films made across Scotland, including LGBTQ short ‘All the Reasons Behind a Kiss’ and chilling body horror ‘Doppelparents’. Her years working in the Film/TV industry has given her essential insight into the full filmmaking process on a professional level which she applies to her own work. She’s currently being mentored by Irish writer/director Aislinn Clarke and graduated from Screen Academy Scotland’s MA Film where she further honed her craft as a director.


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