About Infinite Studios

Infinite Studios is dedicated to creating a range of short films, all which explores a variety of genres, while working with talented individuals across Scotland.


A small, local production company who is passionate about film making and visual storytelling on any budget. Collaborating with others has been essential to transform mere words into a reality and showcase the skills of local crew.

About Aimie...

Director's Bio

Since graduating from Visual Communication and Media Design from the University of Abertay Dundee in 2011, Aimie Willemse has written several short films which she has directed across Scotland throughout her film making career. Aimie still continues challenging herself by creating new and compelling stories that will transport  audiences to new worlds through clear vision and collaboration.


Her most recent short films “The Distances Between” and “Control” are perfect examples of how she experiments with different genres; from a dialogue heavy and character driven piece to one that focuses solely on combining mesmerising choreography and silent narrative together. These shorts may seem like polar opposites but both serve a purpose of telling stories from a fresh perspective – which she continues to do throughout her work.

Director's Statement

For years, I have been making short films under the belief that having no funding should not prevent anyone from making films of their own. Instead we should use these limitations to create simple yet fascinating short films to push the boundaries of our creative limits on a micro budget.

Spearheading the creative team as the director, scriptwriter and producer on my own film projects have always been both highly demanding and rewarding experiences as I am always undertaking new challenges that will further develop my skills and vision as a director. Each new project has set a new learning curve, and pitfalls, to navigate and overcome as I constantly push myself to constantly grow into a better filmmaker. And through filmmaking, I have discovered the thrill of evoking emotions, challenging perceptions and transporting audiences to new worlds as I transform mere words into reality through my vision and storytelling skills.

In The Press...

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