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Infinite Studios

Infinite Studios is a small UK-based production company based in Glasgow that's dedicated to creating a range of short films, features, and music videos. Our current slate of films showcases mental health, relationships, depression, chronic illness, and LGBTQ representation that has greatly resonated with film festival audiences across the world. 


We are passionate about genre filmmaking and visual storytelling on any budget as we collaborate with others to transform mere words into a reality while showcasing talented individuals across Scotland and beyond. If you'd like to collaborate or have a story you want help sharing then please get in contact.

Aimie Willemse Writer | Director

Award-winning Scottish filmmaker Aimie Willemse is known for experimenting with diverse narratives through the surreal and fantastical lens of genre. Her impressive portfolio includes a variety of short films made across Scotland, including LGBTQ short ‘All the Reasons Behind a Kiss’ and chilling body horror ‘Doppelparents’. Her years working in the Film/TV industry has given her essential insight into the full filmmaking process on a professional level which she applies to her own work. She’s currently being mentored by Irish writer/director Aislinn Clarke and graduated from Screen Academy Scotland’s MA Film where she further honed her craft as a director.

In The Press...



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