A dark comedy with a psychology twist as a business woman gets trapped in a waiting room; torn between her desire to leave and the fear of the consequences if she does.


The Business Woman's limited patience is immediately tested with help from a not so customer service ordinated Receptionist and her obvious reluctance to even be there. But it is things start getting weird that our main character is pushed to her limit; to the point where she is literally on the verge of leaving.


By exploring the quintessential British "tolerance" regarding waiting, I focused on the internal conflict within the character and strange occurrences unseen by other characters to further isolate the Business Woman, pushing until she starts to question her own sanity.

Main Cast:

Business Woman - Reaghan Reilly


From highly impatient and irritable to torn by indecision; I had to find an actress able to convey a wide range of emotions for the role. Reaghan was fantastic for tapping into the character and subtly expressing each stage she goes through. Like flipping a switch she could turn from outrageously angry to utterly defeated in a heartbeat like a professional. 

Receptionist - AmyBeth Littlejohn


AmyBeth's audition was fanastic in conveying that disinterested, unprofessional manner with every bubblegum pop and was instrumental in creating the on screen animosity between her and the Business Woman through her character's aloof and condescending attitude. With the Receptionist silently judging the Business Woman's seemingly erratic behaviour this helps further isolate the main character in the growingly strange situation.


Festivals & Screenings

Dundee Ickle Film Festival

Dundee, Scotland September 2015

*All photographs were taken by Nivine Keating - Morrighan Images

Status: Complete

Cast & Crew Credits


Business Woman

Reaghan Reilly



AmyBeth Littlejohn



Aimie Willemse


Director of Photography

Sefa Ucbas 


Camera/Lighting Assistant

Robert Veal


Audio Recordist

Fabio Santucci


Makeup Artist

Chelsea Greens


Production Stills

Nivine Keating



Rebecca O'Neill 


Sound Design

Ryan Livingstone



Seamus Corgan



Peter James Stewart