A silent short comedy based on two people who are faced with a chance meeting... with the person they are desperate to avoid. This forces them both to make a difficult decision: ignore or acknowledge?


This script focuses on two people who want the same thing but react and choose different courses of action to achieve it. I chose to make it silent and to convey their emotions through movement, expression and body language.


First time filming outside during the day and experimenting with dolly and tracks in an uncontrolled environment.

Status: Complete
Production Stills

Cast & Crew Credits



Sean Halket



Neila Stephens



Jonathan MacDonell




Aimie Willemse


Director of Photography

 Richard Steele


2nd Cameraman 

Sean Robertson


Audio Recordist

Andy Birkett


Makeup Artist

 Fay De Neef


Production Stills

Jonathan MacDonell


Sound Design

Lewis Bage



Josh Shrouder



Yutsil Martinee


Main Cast:

April - Neila Stephens


As soon as Neila auditioned for the female lead April, I immediately knew she was the right one for the role. She carried herself with a steady confidence that I had always imagined her character hid behind. A tough and unflinching mask in the face of any situation; but still conveyed that underlying sense of vunerablilty and nervousness. 


Chris - Sean Halket


I found casting the role of Chris to be particularly difficult as his character is a mix of awkwardness and nerves, wearing his feelings on his sleeve.

Many talented actors auditioned for this role but it wasn't until Sean I felt that I knew someone had a connection to character's personality as well his  brilliant comedy through perfect expressions and body language.

*All photographs were taken by Jonathan MacDonell - Crimson Photography