Tensions rise when a frustrated Sophie begins to realise that geography isn't the only distance growing between her and her boyfriend James.


Sensing her growing uneasiness, James pushes Sophie into reluctantly confessing all her unspoken doubts and fears about their uncertain future together. With this startling revelation, they are both suddenly faced with the difficult truth about their  relationship: that love alone might not be enough to survive the distance.

Written and directed by Aimie Willemse, this script started off as an exercise in writing simple yet honest dialogue between two characters until it developed into a story about the realistic struggles facing a couple who are caught in an emotional rut. Delving into personal experiences meant that the script could explore all those complex, raw and conflicting emotions through authentic characters; successfully creating an honest short about the reality involved in long-distance relationship.

Best Actress ALTFF 2017
Best Drama - ALTFF 2017
TDB Posters Couch Award
TDB Arlene award

Main Cast

Sophie Laing - Arlene McKenna

"I wanted to play Sophie from the first reading of the script as I felt that I knew her- I've met her before- I knew her struggle." - Arlene McKenna

For me, Arlene was a natural choice for the role of Sophie because she tapped into the character's

complex emotions. Watching her connect with all that pain, fear, longing and frustration gave me chills as she delivered a heartfelt performance that felt completely genuine. 

James Noble - Tim Pollack

"I was drawn to the character of James for his inability to accept change." - Tim Pollack

Casting James was more difficult because there was a fine line between believable and just being the “asshole boyfriend”. But Tim’s performance captured this character’s growing complacency and wilful obliviousness consistently. Tim’s shift from visibly restrained anger to crushing guilt and regret in a heartbeat made James feel more human.

Film Stills

Screenshot 2016-11-27 11.34.59
Screenshot 2016-11-27 11.34.59
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Sunday Morning
Sunday Morning

A healthy breakfast with a dash of distance.

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Getting ready to go home
Getting ready to go home

Sophie packing up her bag to go home

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(The Independent Critic, 08/04/2017) 
(One Film Fan, 08/02/2017) 
Status: Festival Circuit
Production Stills

Cast & Crew Credits

Sophie Laing

Arlene McKenna


James Noble

Tim Pollack



Aimie Willemse


Producer/1st Assistant Director

Ross Kelly


Script Supervisor

Omiros Vazors


Director of Photography

Sefa Ucbas 


1st AC

Aiste Banelyte

Production Designer

Thom Clark


Sound Recordist

Andrew Hazell


Makeup Artist

Nike Johnston


Costume Designer

Xenia Gauss


Production Stills

Mark Fraser



Seamus Corgan



Peter Stewart

Sound Design

Bob Robertson


Josh James Shrouder


Screening Stills
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1.78:1 (16:9) aspect ratio

H.264 codec

48Hz AAC sound


Best Drama - ALTFF 2017

Super Short Category

Best Actress - ALTFF 2017

Super Short Category

Festivals & Screenings

Engish Premiere - Crossing the Screen Film Festival

Eastbourne, England November 2017

North American Premiere - Royal Starr Film Festival

Michigan, USA October 2017

Asia Premiere - Twin Lions International Film Festival

Mumbai, India May 2017

South American Premiere - Fresh Meet International Film Festival

Quito, Ecuador May 2017

World Premiere - Glasgow Short Film Festival

Glasgow, Scotland March 2017