AltFF Finalist - "Control"

Now while we were gutted that Control didn't bring home the awards for Best Director and Best Choreography, we were just grateful to have been nominated by Alternative Film Festival for anything let alone both our short films.

"Watching Control made me think about my own battles with my mental health. The choreography displayed was both touching and relatable with one's own innermost feelings and emotions. The dancers' talent along with an excellent story and fantastic direction makes for a fantastic experimental film!" - Jenell Diegor, Director of the Alternative Film Festival.

Okay so we didn't win but it's pretty damn cool that our short film is actually resonating with its audiences on a personal level. As a director, raising this awareness for mental health through an experimental medium was the main driving force behind this piece and the fact that our viewers can interpret this underlying narrative through the movement and artist direction alone is definitely encouraging. My goal was, and still is, to give a voice to the silent struggles of those battling with depression. But when it came to this short it felt more potent to show others than to try to use any words - and in the end it speaks volumes for itself.

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