"The Distances Between" World Premiere - 16.03.17

On March 16th, "The Distances Between" had it's world premiere as part of the Glasgow Short Film Festival at the CCA. It was an exciting affair where a prominent selection of short films by Glasgow Film Crew emerging filmmakers were screened in this Blueprint/GSFF crossover programme. And my own short film was one of proud few!

Sadly I was unable to attend first screening because I had actually not long landed in Vancouver, but my leading actress, Arlene McKenna, was kind enough to share her experiences at GSFF/Blueprint screening below:

"In all honesty, I was anxious about seeing "The Distances Between" on CCA's screen. I knew it was nothing to do with the film because I love it; it’s geniunely one of the pieces of work that I’m most proud of. However there is always the fear that the audience won’t get it... that they won’t connect with the story or characters. But as soon as the film began to roll, I relaxed. People seemed to respond to it in the best way: they were quiet throughout the dialogue and seemed to really want to listen to these characters. Just hearing the audience’s reactions to all the emotional parts was reassuring, then applause at the end felt like a lovely gift… We honestly couldn’t have asked for a better response.”

Like Arlene said, it is always a risk to make a film but for one this personal made the stakes feel even more real. So just hearing such enough encouraging feedback made me feel so proud, and relieved, and I truly hope to witness a screening of "The Distance Between" myself soon.

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