"Control's" World Premiere - 15.12.16

So last December, we were off to GFC to see "Control" screening at Blueprint's 6th Edition. It was exciting evening full of excellent, and even surprising, indie short films all made by Scottish based filmmakers but the real pièce de résistance for me was seeing "Control" on the silver screen for the first time.

Watching our visually stunning dance short unfold on the big screen; hearing that music; and feeling that driving beat was amazing. It was thrilling to see the audience become immediately drawn in by the dancers' hypnotic movements and react to that powerfully emotive soundtrack as the narrative unfold was electrifying. And all I can think throughout the whole piece was: "This is how it was meant to be seen: large, powerful and commanding. It was meant to be experienced - felt." And then it was over.

It was such a beautiful moment that I was able to share with the cast and crew: a room full of strangers erupting into applause as soon as "Control's" credits rolled. And boy, their applause was an exhilarating high.

Then after all the screenings, came the Q&A.

I was fortunate to be joined on Blueprint's stage by one of "Control's" dancers/choreographers, Blythe Meechan. Also our editor CJ Lazaretti was up on stage promoting his own short film "Cosmico": an unapologetically, clever animation inspired by Monty Python's visual and satirical style. It was such a simple but devilishly funny short, taking on monetised spiritualism and shoving it down its gob.

Blythe was fantastic in the spotlight, her nerves were practically invisible as she spoke in front of the audience. While I, on the other hand, was a squeaky voiced mess but managed to hide it okay. Together we talked through some of the more collaborative aspects such as devising the choreography and building up the dancers' understanding of the characters, and narrative, to really hit all those potent story beats.

This short has always been a passion project but it's also an example of innovative film making. I used a more experimental method to explore difficult themes of mental health and depression. So a chance to personally immerse myself in the audience's reaction and then talk through the piece/performance was hugely satisfying for me.

The evening was definitely a success and certainly a proud moment in my film making career: hopefully the first of many.

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