The Drama of Long Distance

"The Distances Between" is the latest short film by director/writer Aimie Willemse which portrays the struggles faced by a couple stuck in the long distance rut and forces them to question their uncertain future together.

Written with a micro budget in mind, Aimie created an intimate world that focused solely on the couple. By confining them together, away from the background noise of the world, meant she was able to explore their relationship deeply without outside interference to detract from their own conflict.

"From the characters to the setting, it was essential for me that 'Distances' felt truly authentic. I wanted a realistic film to honour all those who have suffered at the hands long distance because the sad truth is that this is steadily becoming a new norm in the modern day relationship. Here's to that pain and finding something resembling truth out of it." - Aimie Willemse

This dialogue heavy and character driven piece definitely packs an emotional punch but it is the body language and chemistry between the two leads that really sells the underlying message of the short: that love alone is not always enough. By stripping away the blame and clinches usually involved, there characters and their complex emotions were allowed really allowed shine through. Clearly drawing upon personal experiences really benefited the script; adding a natural quality to the writing and kept their conversation honest.

It may be a pretty simple tale for a short film, but definitely a potent one when done right.

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