Shoot Day 2 - Cold Attics & Impressive Lighting Rigs

Arriving on set for day 2 of our contemporary dance shoot and I found this scaffolding set up for our lighting rig, courtesy of my DoP/Gaffer. With overhead lighting we didn't have to worry about moving stands or relighting shots to match so there was a consistancy to all our shots. This freed up more time for working with our dancers and setting up the camera for different shots of choreography.

Also the crew quickly came to learnt how cold the space got and were soon grateful I brought a heater for inbetween shots. By letting our dancers explore the floor as they warmed up meant that they were comfortable with the space before we started blocking out the shots for the 1st dance sequence. We powered through the shot list byconstantly running through the dance and later got to experiment with close ups on key moves throughout the sequence.


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