Shoot Day 1 - Rooftops & Drones Ahoy

So for our first day of the dance shoot we were rooftop high in Hamilton at UWS. Fortunately the weather was dry throughout the shoot but hardly warm so we were all layered up (except poor Blythe) as we shot the third and final sequence of our short film.

My first time working with a drone was a very interesting experience as we has to deal with battling againt the wind at some points but our first shot of the day was a brilliant one shot of Blythe's last dance. As the Captive is finally free from her prisoner, Blythe's loose, fluid movements and large leaps worked well with the open sky overhead and the single full shot looked fantastic captured by the drone.

However the next drone shot was trickier as had to properly take flight as we had planned a bird's eye view that lifts straight off into the sky for a massive wind shot. But with the wind bumping and pushing the drone, our drone op had his work out keeping the camera steady while Blythe moved with the drone to stay centred with it. But after a fair few takes we managed to get some cracking shots which made it all worthwhile.

The rest of the shoot involved costume changes, feathers, body doubles and a special director's cameo (the back of my left shoulder is now famous) as we completed the ending of our shoot. Onto Day 2...


*All photos taken by Jo Osborne

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