So the last month has been really intense with rehearsals and prepping for the upcoming shoot this week. It has been an interesting experience working with our two brilliantly talented dancers as we work through their choreography and blending their movements into narrative as well as seeing what works on screen.

My first rehearsal with Blythe, who is playing our Captive, was focused the acting side of her performance. I spent time breaking down the story beats in relation to the dance with Blythe and finding a way to help her merge the acting with the choreography to enhance the narrative. By explaining the character's motivations, it really helped Blythe to have a sound understanding of the emotion behind the action and how that can influence her movements.

Then with our later rehearsals with both dancers, the choreography has also developed through the narrative as they could see what sequences worked with their characters, shifting dominance between them at the key points and discovering what visually built up the conflict. The challenge for me now is figuring out how to best to capture this stunning choreography and clearly conveying the themes that tie everything together.

But it wasn't all hard work...

Working with Blythe and Zoe was an absolute joy as they threw themselves (sometimes quite literally) into the project's choreography but as this was their first film and they came to quickly learn the differences between performing for the stage and for the camera. They are dancers first and foremost so tweeking their acting was essential.

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