Scheduling a Film Shoot Is Never Easy

Being the producer, writer and director always takes it toll on me on a production, especially the scheduling part where I have to juggle all the crew's availability like a boss in correspondance with location, costume and equipment. Most often it is just when you think you have nailed the shoot schedule down that a tiny hiccup occurs and messes everything up like Jenga or Dominos.

For the dance short film we had to bring forward a shoot day at a rooftop location due to reasons and like dominos it has a knock on effect for not only the schedule and crew but also costumes. By bringing that shoot date forward our fittings had to be brought forward and a mad dash to secure the dancers and costume designer in the same place at the same time was on instead of our original plan for fittings at the last rehearsal.

Fortunately we managed to juggle everything to work out and the costumes only needed slight tweeks (if even that) but the unexpectant thrills and pressures of this industry is what keeps us on our toes... and ages us beyond our years.

*Image copyright of V for Vendetta

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