Dream Merchants Concept Art

Dream Merchants Market Scene

Here at Infinite Studios HQ, I have been working closely with producer, Myke Hall, from Uncredited Media, as we tackle a funding application together for my script "Dream Merchants": a fantasy adventure steeped in Scottish scenery and mythos.

Shadow Man in the Star Fields

Premise: One night, a traveler father and daughter venture out to harvest fallen stars when they are attacked by a monster - the Shadow man. As they try to escape, the monster chases after and tries to drag them down into his nightmare realm.

While we have been working through pre-production documents, we got a fantastic concept artist Fruzsina Pittner onboard to help capture the magical and dangerous elements of the story. I absolutely adore her work and she did such an amazing job in perfectly visualising everything.

I fully recommend checking out her work on https://fruzsinapittner.wordpress.com/

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