Inspired by the stark contrast of light and dark, we set out to explore this concept physically and emotionally. Through the fantasy genre our imaginations were sparked while we experimented with light throughout our story.

An interesting aspect is how we managed to breathe life into an inanimate object. An Orb able to control its own light allowed us to convey a sense of personality and unique communication. By adding a playful element, we have visually emphasized that it is more than just a torch -- it is a living entity. Through the character and object interactions we set out to blur the boundaries of their roles of "guide" and "lost soul" to suggest that actually both the Man and Orb need each other to find something.

Status: Complete
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Girl - Sarah Calmus


For our mysterious girl, we wanted her to have an otherworldly vibe about her so the audience questions if she is human or not. 



Main Cast:

Cast & Crew Credits



Joel Hewett



Sarah Calmus


Co-Written/Directed/Produced by

Aimie Willemse & Leah Carroll


Director of Photography

Greg McKinnon 



Stephen Grant


Audio Recordist/Sound Design

Mattia Cellotto


Makeup Artist

Jacqui Martin


Production Stills/Lighting Assistant

Iain Smart



Craig Sutherland



Daniel Woiwode

Guy - Joel Hewet


Joel plays the role of a person who feels completely distant from the world as well as bringing life to the orb through their interactions. The guy begins as a lonely, lost soul in the vast darkness when a light comes to guide him in his search for a companion.


*All photographs were taken by Iain Smart