Cast & Crew Credits



Jonathan MacDonnell



Aimie Willemse


Director of Photography

 Sean Robertson


Audio Recordist

Richard Steele


Production/Lighting Assistant

Andy Birkett


Sound Designer

Fraser Muir



Honza Volf


Rory - Jonathan MacDonnell


Audio design was always at the forefront of my mind as I wrote and planned this production as it dictates the short’s entire tempo to drive the character insane. Another essential aspect of this short was my actor’s performance which perfectly captured the expression and movement to convey his overwhelming irritation build up.


Main Cast:

With no dialogue and purely environmental sounds driving the story forward, “Noisy Neighbours” is an experimental dark comedy. It focuses on a man driven insane by his noisy upstairs neighbours to the point where he seeks revenge.


By using only one character and one location, this allowed me emphasise how isolated he really is in a restrictive environment. To prevent the character from escaping, I thought it would be good to use domestic noise to keep him trapped in this nightmarish scenario. Also because his neighbours are only heard, and never seen, it helps build an intrusive atmosphere as their relentless racket penetrates the heart of his haven without any consideration for him at all. However when he decides to crank up the volume himself, I felt it was important to isolate him further by turning all his other neighbours against him and, as a cruel twist, the original offenders are oblivious in his attempt to anger them.

Crew Photo
Status: Complete