Status: Complete

Tiff - Lucy May Wilson


With a lazy grace and confidence about her: Tiff is the embodiment of who Serra thought she wanted to be. But she is also is quite self involved, more interested in her phone than her friend. 

Main Cast:

Serra - Angela Branney 


By conveying emotion through her body language and action, Angela helped set the building tempo of the short. I loved how she starts to tenderly explore the items of her borrowed identity before abruptly disgarding it and moving on until she is "stripped bare" to a blank state.

Cast & Crew Credits



Angela Branney



Lucy May Wilson


Tiff's Friend

David Laing



Aimie Willemse


Director of Photography

James Alexander


2nd Cameraman

Chas Whatmore


Audio Recordist/Sound Design

Ronan Quigley



Matthew Head



Fergus Cruickshank

With old memories surfacing and the question "Who am I?" on her mind, a girl

begins to explore her identity. It is only by stripping away the layers of collected identities (personalised by music, literature and clothing) that she rediscovers her old self.


*All photographs were taken by James Alexander

The works of Infinite Studios and Writer/Director Aimie Willemse