An anxious girl is agonising over writing the perfect text when her nagging inner voice decides to get involved and pays her a visit.

In the days where texting has essentially evolved into the primary form of modern communication and instant gratification is the aim of the game; the burden of crafting perfect first impression in this digital age has increased. But when all that pressure of needing to seem funny, charming, flirty and interesting (and all within one text) to new, unknown person collides a little niggling voice of doubt inside the mind can begin to stir.

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Main Cast:

"It was so much fun playing two versions of myself- the characters were so different that it allowed me to enjoy playing with two polar opposites." - Arlene McKenna

Plagued by anxiety, writing a simple text to a cute boy soon reveals how quickly one girl's self doubt can rear its "ugly head". Lindsay is a girl who suffers from high functioning anxiety and this short provides insight into how this kind of mind processes even simpliest of social actions... And her inner voice doesn't help.

When it came to casting, I knew that Arlene was the right actress for these roles. Her ability to tap into a wide range of emotions, switching from quietly reserved to hilariously expressive, meant that she could not only handle both roles but also create the necessary tension between these two characters. The diversity between the two roles, played by the same actress, helps sells the idea that she really is two sides of the same coin.

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Status: Festival Circuit
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Cast & Crew Credits

Lindsay/Inner Voice

Arlene McKenna



Aimie Willemse


Script Supervisor

Alexandra Colta


Director of Photography

Ian Hendry



Graham Stevenson

Production Designer

Diana Dumi

Makeup Artist

Nike Johnston


1st AC/Production Stills

Mark Fraser

Sound Recordist

Kae Remmer



CJ Lazaretti


Andi Ramsay

Sound Designer

Loic Rathscheck


Chris Belsey