ECHO (2018)

Echo festival poster
Status: Festival Circuit

As Hannah explores an abandoned tunnel alone, she hears someone else in the dark... or something?

Main Cast:

"I wanted to be in echo due to the prospect of being in an extreme short that had to be scary/ intense in a short space of time. Also having worked with Aimie before I knew the film would be of a high standard and when I found out about the narrative - I knew it would pack a punch." - Arlene McKenna

"I wanted to be a part of this film because I thought it was an excellent opportunity to work with an extremely talented cast, crew and a new director. I have always wanted to work on a horror film and was excited at the prospect of it being shown as part of the Glasgow film festival." - Sarah Meikle

"Echo was my first horror film, it was great seeing the creature I was playing brought to life through my movement and camera trickery. An incredible experience all round." - Katie Power


 Arlene McKenna


Sarah Meikle

The Creature

 Katie Power

Written, Directed & Produced 

Aimie Willemse


Director of Photography

 Alyn J Smith

Camera Assistant

Lauren Jackson


Sil Derkx

Makeup Artist

Guyelle Anderson

Makeup Assistant

Abby Whiting


 Alyn J Smith & Aimie Willemse

Sound Designer

Ben Cummings


Maxence Pierrard

Special Thanks
SAE Institute Glasgow


Film Stills

Screenshot 2018-01-24 19.02.53
Screenshot 2018-01-24 19.02.53
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Screenshot 2018-03-04 14.02.47
Screenshot 2018-03-04 14.02.47
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Festivals & Screenings

North America Premiere - Portland Horror Film Festival

Portland, USA, June 2018

Screening - Glasgow Horror Festival - Bitesize

Glasgow, Scotland, April 2018

World Premiere - Glasgow Film Festival/Fright Fest

Glasgow, Scotland, March 2018