CONTROL (2016)


Locked in a dance of mesmerising mimicry, a prisoner has to fight against her captor's mysterious powers of possession in order to save her life.


Written and directed by Aimie Willemse, this project proved to be an exciting challenge in balancing movement and narration. In collaboration with dancers Blythe Meechan and Zoe Pringle, they explored the themes of depression together through original choreography and stunning visuals to create a compelling story about mental health. Because without control what do we have?

Control Poster festivals
Control Poster festivals floor

Main Cast:

Masked Dancer - Zoe Pringle


With her identity concealed behind a half mask, the Masked dancer is as mysterious and powerful as predator toying her prey. Zoe possessed such a naturally dominate vibe about her, with piercing eyes and radiating power, that it was obvious she was perfect for this role. 

The Captive - Blythe Meechan


This character is a prisoner, trapped by her own fear as she find herself no longer in control of her own body as she is forced to move like a puppet. After working closely with Blythe, I found that she capable of showing a very vulnerable side which we worked on honing for the role and we set about portraying how this captivity has transformed her into an almost feral and scared animal but with just a hint of steelly determination.

Film Stills

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Screenshot 2017-01-07 14.05.27
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Festivals & Screenings

Asia Premiere - PickurFlick Indie Film Festival

New Delhi, India, May 2017

Screening - Thistle Night Independent Film

Edinburgh, Scotland, March 2017

World Premiere - Blueprint 06

Glasgow, Scotland, December 2016

Status: Festival Circuit
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Cast & Crew Credits



Blythe Meechan


Masked Captor

Zoe Pringle




Aimie Willemse


1st Assistant Director

Ross Kelly


Script Supervisor

Omiros Vazos


Director of Photography

Sefa Ucbas 


1st AC

Clare McIntyre


Best Boy

Aidan O'Mara

Drone Operator

Iain Ferguson


Sound Recordist/Design

Bob Robertson


Makeup Artist

Nike Johnston


Costume Designer

Elizabeth Brown


Production Stills

Jo Osborne



Seamus Corgan



C.J. Lazaretti


Scott Mungin


Tech Info



1.78:1 (16:9) aspect ratio

H.264 codec

48Hz AAC sound


(The Independent Critic, 19/05/2017) 
(One Film Fan, 10/04/2017) 

*All photographs were taken by Jo Osborne