January 24, 2016

Masked Dancer (Captor):


With her identity concealed behind a mask, the Masked dancer (captor) is as mysterious and powerful as a predator toying her prey. She possesses a clear dominance 


with only her piercing eyes showing and tribal warrior vibe to her body language. 


Non Masked Dancer (Captive):


The non-masked dancer is a prisoner of her own fear. Her "captivity" has transformed her into a feral and almost scared animal from her time of impr...

January 24, 2016

First short of 2016 is a contemporary dance short film featuring two dancers warring with each other as one keeps trying to escape her captor's telekinetic control which forces her to mimic the movements until they are dancing in union as one. But as the captive keeps trying to resist and break free the distance shortens between them until they are physicaly fighting with each other.


As this is my first time directing dance I think this project...

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